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I am a very, very happy little vegemite. My examiners are awesome and wonderful and efficient and gave a bunch of comments that have set me to thinking. My old computer sucked bigtime and put back typos that had been changed three times and I will fix them on my new computer and they will stay fixed (for I will check and check them until they do). And yes, I am PhD pending. I have changes to make, but they are terrifyingly minor. Also, they are almost all due to the idiocy of my old computer and its tendency to change text when files were emailed, which is a bit embarrassing.

Isn't it appropriate that I hear the good news after a night on the town with fellow-Medievalist postgrads!

Thank you, examiners!!!!

Date: 2013-02-13 02:11 pm (UTC)
cursor_mundi: Captain America loves America (Pop a boner)
From: [personal profile] cursor_mundi
OH YEAH BABY! That's wonderful news, congratulations to the Doctor Doctor and your impending manifestation as a Time Lord!

Date: 2013-02-20 01:48 am (UTC)
cursor_mundi: Girl!Tony, this can't end well (Girl!Tony)
From: [personal profile] cursor_mundi

Well, how else can it happen if you're not born a Time Lord? I have never had the patience for sitting through years of Doctor Who (or patience for the series, frankly), but I hear ... things ... and it seems "manifest" is the best way to describe it. Like an unfolding from pre-existing material, you emerge with a burst of light or something. Maybe it's like a regeneration? Let me know when you accomplish this, since it seems like speculation would be wasteful in the face of inevitability. :)

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