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I wrote a blogpost yesterday (at the airport, waiting for my flight to board), but didn't get quiet time until so late at night that I forgot to post it. Here it is for your delectation (I shall post today's items of interest separately, I think):

I’m trying hard to learn how not to work. I was told a few weeks ago that I needed to be just a bit lazier, and so I'm practising by blogging rather than working. I have a giant cup of coffee and I'm right opposite my gate lounge. I have a corner, a table and a nice blast of aircon. I have twenty full minutes. OK, maybe only ten. Still, time, coffee, coolness.

I have a lot waiting for me at home. It's as if everyone knew I was away (well, they did) and promptly sent work. I have to talk to my supervisor about the forms I must fill in with the final of the idiot doctorate, and there is Aurealis work to be done, and edits to a story and to a review and there is a review to be written and there is my place to rediscover, for one of it was hopefully fixed while I was away (the other is to be chased up). I have emails to send to Queensland and a guest blogpost to write. And that's all for today. Everything else can wait until tomorrow, I think. I will even leave the notes I took in Melbourne until tomorrow, for I am the soul of restraint and I never, ever overwork

This morning I finished reading the latest Abbey girls reprint. It's wrong for a woman to be ambitious for herself and if one is so inclined then errors of judgement get made and the results are dire. Perfect selfishness and petulance is always fine, as long as one is senior in the pecking order. And these are the lessons I learned from "Biddy's Secret." The whole folkthing was empowering in so many ways and Oxenham documents that beautifully, but she also documents the terrible sadness of being a woman in a restrictive society. She documents it and promulgates it and celebrates it.

That's all from me. I'm tired of being lazy.

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