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Yesterday afternoon we got in and discovered that Martin hadn't finished sorting my laundry. Naomi took me out for groceries while he did so. It's now done and I just have to pay him (which will happen in about ten minutes - I tried earlier, but the bank got tangled about my existence, and now that I am for certain a real person, I need to try again). So only parts of my flat are falling around about my ears, and much of it is way more liveable with.

In terms of all the other things I had to do yesterday and the stack of stuff for today, obviously it's not quite there. My start on it was, after all, about four hours later than I expected. I've sorted all the different bits of work I did while I was away and they're ready to move on with. I did my share of Beastly work (which wasn't much, for mine is the lighter load this week) and I've done edits on two of the four items that needed edits. I've done the vast majority of all my emails and just completed my regular weekly job check. Tonight is more Middle Ages and the third of the four editing items and then I'll be where I need to be tonight.

My reading for today is Felicity Pulman's new book, and it's got some of the feel of Ghost Boy, which is my favourite book of hers. I read a chapter and want to visit Norfolk Island.

My Sunday archery class was great. The idea wasn't to learn how to shoot, but to learn what muscle groups are used and what stance. My nephew was very lucid and very informative and made just the right number of jokes. We talked about effects on stance and on skeletons and which fingers were essential and which not. I got to play with two bows (both modern) and to marvel at how light modern arrowheads and arrows are. They're not made to puncture armour - they're made for competition. I now understand why archers sometimes seem to be shooting up at the moon, when obviously that's not where the enemy is. I get just how dangerous longbows are, I think. I need to learn more, obviously, but now I at least understand some basics.

I have an excuse to learn more one day, too - the stance one takes to shoot and the muscles one uses to bring everything together are all muscles that help with asthma. If folkdancing gives me good hip and lower back strength, then archery would give me the upper body strength and control I need.

I'm sure there's more to tell, but all I can think of is the pack of Tim Tams that I totally don't need and that I bought anyway yesterday. I buy Tim Tams for other people, because they're something I eat too easily when they're around. Yesterday, though, the new paint smell was getting to me (I am sensitive to it, which is why the painting was done while I was away) and today it's less bad, but still there. That's why I have my nine Tim Tams, to get me through until the smell dissipates. Martin used a low allergy paint, which is so much better than regular paint that he intends to use it in all his work in future, so it's not bad, but it's still there. It's fading quickly, though - in a couple of days I will be able to ignore Tim Tams with my usual grand aplomb.

And now it's once more unto the breach. Or to the bank account. Or to the Middle Ages. Or all three...

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