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Good things emerge from difficult days. The bathroom and laundry are fixed. The doctor has given me medicine and the immediate awfulness of my three days every three weeks has significantly diminished. There are consequences with me putting up with the pain for so long, though and I have tests and received a scolding.

I was scolded about my eating habits (without being questioned about them first). They aren't to blame, but this is a ritual every doctor goes through before they discover that the combination of hormonal disorders and allergies means that I can diet and actually put on weight. I totally hate it that the idea that women are wrong and overeat is so ingrained in our minds that even when a doctor knows that the woman she is speaking to is perimenopausal, has PCOS, does exercise and has been watching her food intake carefully, that diet is still the first thing to blame.

None of the health side makes much sense yet. I'm too tired to make it make sense. The big thing is that within an hour of the anti-spasmodic kicking in, I was asleep (I have half-done work I mus retrieve!) and I'm still not quite awake. When I'm awake I'll sort out the mystery of putting on so much weight while not putting on any size. I suspect it's mainly due to the muscle stuff, in which case, it will all improve in the next week. I'll find all this out, though, over the next week and after the blood tests.

I'm taking the next few hours off. All sorts of things that I planned for tonight have fallen through, and I shall take this as life's commandment that I need to watch Season 3 of Fringe.
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