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I just did my annual check for the Ditmars. I'm suggesting to people left right and centre that they nominate their favourite works and make sure they're seen, but my reading is a bit behind, so my own nominations will be at the last minute. I have read 66 of the novels, and intend to read as many more as I can fit in. Obviously I'm going to go for easily available fiction (I have 3 books waiting for my at the library, for instance) because I have neither time time nor the resources to go a-hunting.

There were so many novels published last year that anyone who reads them all deserves some sort of prize, but if I can read 75 of them, I will be happy. The question is not how quickly I read, but how quickly I can obtain the books.

To keep myself honest (ie to make sure I keep reading) I shall blog the books here. I wont' promise reviews - that will depend on my mood or how much time I have, but I will make a mention of each book I finish as I finish it.

Does anyone in Canberra want to do a round of book-swapping, later in the week?

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