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I've finally caught up on quite a few of the things that got caught up in other things. I'll have another wave of promises to keep, but they don't start until 1 March. At least, I hope they don't. I have just a little pile of notes to myself, and they're all about today's tasks, but I haven't been through my scary pile of paper yet. Why do I keep a scary pile of paper? I think it might be... no, I don't know why. Anyhow, my tasks for the day are:
1) to check the scary pile of paper
2) to entirely get rid of that small pile of notes
3) to teach
4) to work on much medievalness (I get to learn about glass!)
5)to start my taxes.

Taxes are the most important undone task this week, for I sorely need finances (again). I have some unexpected expenses. Also, I have the world's nicest accountant (we met because our shared interests in history and books) and I don't want to cause her extra work.

I don't know if I'll get a refund this time round, but I really, really hope I do. I'm at a transition stage of my life, and I can't tell myself "Leave this until I have money." Transition stages of life are more expensive than other stages.

In other news, the engineer is back from holiday today. This means the block of flats will soon be checked for structural stuff. This is not a bad thing.

Also in other news, the weather here is fine compared with cyclone in WA and roaring winds across Texas, but for myself and weather-sensitive friends, it's not good. Muggy and warm and storms around every corner. I had a bad night, and I have one friend who may well have had worse (for it's her boys who are weather-sensitive, and feel the storms coming). I'm the lucky one, for after teaching is over, I can rearrange all my messages to tomorrow and come home and sleep it off before doing the rest of my day's work. The rather large sleep deficit one gets in weather like this is tolerable when one can sleep it off. Also when the work one faces before one sleeps it off is the best class in the world.

Today I plan to cast words among them like corn. Also, just because I feel like it and it's a fun way to approach story structure, we will write a group beginning and a group and and then each student will write their own middle. We've been getting caught a bit on tale length recently - it's time to re-prove to all of them (not just the incipient novelists) that they can write more than ten lines.

And in more other news...if you hear of someone getting arrested for creating a public disturbance, it was me. I am guilty. I fully intend to walk to the bus stop shortly singing "It's raining, it's pouring" at the top of my voice. This is because it is. I shall not let the fact that I cannot sing deter me.

PS My old computer got in one last whatever. I found two paragraphs mucked up in an article. Also some punctuation which I'd fixed. Anyway, I'm nearly at an end of these things being possible, for much of the work spawned on the old computer is where it needs to be. Only three more pieces have the opportunity to be so very wayward. I'll be very glad when it starts happening that the piece I proofed and checked is the piece that arrives on editors' desks. (And this has been happening a lot more often than I've reported her e- mostly I just frown, fix and move on.)

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