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I was only going to post once today, but several things need to be told.

First, CSFG members (including me) are creating a list of Ditmar-eligible work. We're not pushing people to nominate us in particular (as a group, we're not, each member makes their own decision on this and my decision was to write what you read here), but to read widely and make their own decisions. To make it easier to to read our work and make up your own minds, there is a list of CSFG work:

I didn't publish any fiction last year! Well, I did, but it was all reprints. I sit back, astonished. And the CSFG list (and the Ditmar wiki) don't contain complete lists of everything I wrote, just the stuff I wouldn't mind people remembering. The piece I care most about is the one on robust criticism, for I still think that we need it and I thought my examples were cute. Although there are a couple of BiblioBuffet essays I rather like, too.

And now for the cool stuff. My students have uber-super-powers. I'd forgotten that homework last week was to write convincing narratives. The success of their narratives was going to be measured by how much it rained (we wanted to drown bushfires). One claimed he failed, because the rain didn't fall exactly on the instructed straight line. Overall, though, we decided that this homework was an immense success. The measure of their success:

There is a price for godlike powers, however, and the price was that none of us got a decent night's sleep last night.
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