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The highlight of my morning was being introduced to an arquebus, firing it, and ruining a favourite (but bedraggled) shirt. I will be forced to be more respectable this winter. Understanding the smell and feel of the early gun was worth it, however. I might wear my very-slightly-ashen shirt around the house, for it's very comfortable and its scars were well-earned.

The highlight of my afternoon was making inroads into my tax. I've now sorted 1/3 of my papers and my loungeroom looks delightfully disordered.

The highlight of the early evening was long talks with friends. This was also a highlight of this morning, since I went to the gun range (it was open day) thanks to the kindness of friends.

The highlight of slightly later evening was the duck being cooked. I invented a stuffing for it. The duck was delectable with the stuffing, but the stuffing was ... drabbit, why didn't I write down proportions? I made it up as I went along, and it turned out to be fruity and tart and just amazing.

I tipped some quinoa into a bowl. I added about the same amount of water. I chopped up an onion finely and added that. Then I topped it with a nice slurp of pomegranate molasses. I zapped it in the microwave (which was behaving today) a few times (a minute each time) until most of the moisture was absorbed. I might have added a knob of butter (but don't tell my mother, for that would be so wrong). Then I stuffed my duck with it. The stuffing doesn't cohere (for there's nothing in it to make it stick) but I kinda forgot to carve the duck once I had a taste of the stuffing., An hour later I actually ate a piece of duck and found that the scent of the pomegranate is faintly through the whole and it is just... I am going to stop here, for the duck and the rest of the stuffing is the the fridge, for eating during the week and it is STAYING THERE (at least until tomorrow night). I am not allowed supper! But, really, that's the best stuffing I've ever invented. I have no idea if I'll ever be able to duplicate it.

Obviously the highlight of my later evening is the memory of finally getting back my cooking mojo.
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