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This morning I am down to one box of papers. It didn't start well, though, and I want to do the beginning all over, and quite differently. I didn't want to step on a slug, for instance. For those who need to know, a bare foot on a squashed slug is an effective way to wake up.

It does, however, make me interpret the day from the wrong end. Instead of the papers almost sorted, I want to say "I still have most of the real work to go." Instead of saying "I have two emails to send and two works are finalised at my end, and hey, look at the kind comment the very, very senior editor made on the story that was rejected today (I write a vile story and the editor called it 'nicely done') I say "Oh no, I'm doing everything wrong!"

I think the moral of this story is never to step on slugs while you have a cold. For I am at the stage of the cold where it's descending into my chest and I really don't feel very well. And yes, I stepped on a slug.

If getting drunk helped me at all (it never does - I'm not that kind of drunk, it seems) I would have a drink. Instead all I can think of doing is sharing the pain. Who wants to know what it feels like to step on a slug?

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