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My Women's History Month blog celebration will begin on 8 March (International Women's Day). Instead of having blogging every day for a month, I have a few special guests talking about a quite specific topic: women in fandom. After the first couple of posts, I will be very happy to put up posts by any woman who has experiences of fandom she'd like to share or analyses she'd like to make. If anyone wants to join in without writing a whole post, the comments are a wonderful place.

I need to say that the idea of this year's theme (which is not the national theme for either the US or Australia) comes from a discussion Kari Sperring and I had a while back.

So watch this space for Women's History Month. Also watch this space for a rant, for I read something in ire and I feel one forming. The rant has nothing to do with women's history and everything about how we choose what we choose for our fiction and certain concomitant responsibilities.

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