Jan. 1st, 2013

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Some years are bigger than others. I've had several of those in a row, but this year more so than most. I'm still on an emotional rollercoaster, for life is not yet balanced. I nearly lost my eyesight (again) and I was burgled while the hospital was dealing with it. I had major dental work done (months of it), and I dealt with several nasty incidents (the vast majority of which I did not blog about) and my book was published by Momentum. I was given a scholarship, and I submitted my doctorate. I went on camp and gave a bunch of talks and lectures and workshops and had a whole slew of items accepted for publication, most of which will appear in 2013.

2012 was the year when I discovered I'm scary. Five adults have independently attested this, so it must be true. Mind you, a lot more adults have commented "You're very funny" and as many children have adopted me as a Preferred Person over the same period of time. I scare adults, but six year old children cuddle up on my lap and won't let me go.

And that's three minutes worth of thinking, not the whole year. For the whole year, you might want to check behind the cut. )
What do I want from 2013? A job as a lecturer would be nice, as would more publications. Fewer crises is unlikely, but would also be desirable. More time with friends. More finishing up of the big projects I've been working on in between doctorates and teaching. More health*. And all the good things my friends need, to happen to them forthwith and without drama.

*Menopause! I want menopause in 2013!!
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I am sorted! All the material I need for one paper is in one pile and all the material I need for another is in another pile entirely, and the Aurealis novels are all stacked and entered onto the spreadsheet and all the Aurealis short stories now share a cosy hamper. Such a simple summary for such a lot of hunting and hard work. Mind you, I also have an outline for the first paper and a method for the second. And I have five days to deal with the worst of everything that's not Aurealis. That is my signal, I think, for putting the coffee pot on.

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