Jan. 4th, 2013

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I haven't actually managed to waste today yet. I've finished the reading I needed to do, and I had a lovely afternoon chatting with a friend (who brought me my Time Lord present to myself, which I can't wear until the PhD examination is complete and I am confirmed in my timelordliness) and since then I have done nothing but nap and complain about the heat.

Most of us are complaining about the heat, for it's the first real summer day in Canberra. It was 37 degrees, and it still 32 degrees at 8 pm. Tomorrow will be hotter, alas.

It will cool off overnight and I shall finish my working day when it does. That working day consists of many words, for I have 5,000 to get from one place to another by tomorrow night and they're planned, but not written.

In the meantime, dinner now includes vegies, thanks to some help from Rachel (for I was entirely out of fruit and vegies) and it only 15 minutes of cooking. Quinoa with baby spinach and a little tabasco, served with chicken korma (the latter from my emergency freezer stash - it's too hot to spend more than 15 mins cooking, but I still need one solid meal a day).

One day there'll be interesting news. Today all my news is research-related and needs to be written up. Some of that is quite funny, however, and friends who ring me or see me on Twitter of FB tend to get snippets of daftness. I am now sponging all the daftness from my being, for I need to write things up seriously.

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