Jan. 5th, 2013

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Today is a little warm. The Bureau claims it will be 39 degrees, but it's already been above 37, so it will either be much hotter still, or we'll get a change. The Bureau also says "no change for days" and the band that has brought cooler weather to the south has missed us (or has tried to) so this is possible. I'm less worried by the heat than I was, however, for I now have salad vegies and fruit and, what's more, I discovered that most of the symptoms I'd put down to reactions to the heat were actually my virus from the New year. It hasn't quite gone. If I need to take medicines and sleep, they will (and are) doing good. It's very odd that this virus was nasty and lingering, though - you'd think summer would scare it away.

There are things of more interest than the heat and the state of my health, but except for the fact that I have rather good cream for my coffee this weekend I bought it for visiting friends, and then the friends didn't visit and now it needs finishing) nothing comes to mind. I might send a search party out for said mind later on, or I might go back to my key activity today, which is watching old musicals. I may need to sleep most of the day, but I am determined to enjoy the hours I'm awake and not working.

ETA: It hit 40 20 minutes ago. I so deserve coffee! Tomorrow I shall make a big jug of iced tea to see me through, I think. It's not just the heat that's the problem in Canberra (other places get much hotter, and, in fact, I've kept my key rooms under 30 degrees) it's the fact that it was under 15 degrees last night and I react to big temperature shifts outside. In a couple of weeks my body will be used to it, but today, things hurt a bit. Coffee! (My favourite phrase of Japanese is "Watashi wa kohi nga totemo seki desu.")

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