Jan. 9th, 2013

Mrs Charity

Jan. 9th, 2013 02:06 pm
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I've finally done what I said I would do. Just now, when a charity person rang me (and interrupted my work, about which I am annoyed, for I was in the middle of a train of thought) and asked for Mrs Polack, I remained calm and friendly and explained politely that I would never give to any cold-calling charity that didn't use a more accurate title.

The young man at the far end stopped and thought and we discussed titles. He couldn't have known that the correct title for me is Dr, we decided, but he could have used Ms, and this is what we agreed was a good idea. He has noticed more and more women irate about titles and when I suggested that maybe it was a good idea to feed it into the system that some of us had this policy of simply not giving to any charity that, when ringing to beg, asked for us by marital status, he thought a bit and decided to do so. Apparently other calls have not been comfortable...

All in all, it was very amicable and it will be my new approach whenever I can manage it. Other ways of dealing with charity calls are funnier, or angrier, or sillier, but this one marries my annoyance with my principles: anyone who wants my money has to treat me like the person I am, not the niche in society they expect females at home to fill.

And now, what I was in the middle of, was a careful dissection of the literary qualities of Pine-O-Clean. I'd better retrieve my train of thought.
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I shall use as an excuse the fact that I'm not used to DW. There is a post about Pillars of the Earth that is not on DW. Here is the link: http://gillpolack.livejournal.com/1129073.html And now this will appear on both LJ and DW and I shall look foolish, which is about right for today.

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