Jan. 10th, 2013


Jan. 10th, 2013 02:32 pm
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I've had some interesting thoughts on my work. As a very small part of the essay I'm writing, I proved that it's better to time travel to the Middle Ages than to live in a world designed for heroic fantasy. It's all to do with effective legal and administrative systems. Not all the Middle ages are better for minor players than heroic fantasy worlds, but a very large proportion of the English Middle ages most certainly is. One day I should do a paper entirely on this. "Why time travel is better than dropping in on your favourite heroic world." You know, it would also make a great panel at a con.

Where are we at with the bushfires? The cool night has helped. In the whole of the ACT and NSW, there are no current emergencies (I'm looking at the incident page for my information) and no major alerts (ie for people who might have to be evacuated should the situation worsen). There are still significantly over 100 (may still be 150 - I'm too lazy to count) fires and smoke is still everywhere. The weekend won't be good, but today's giving the fire people a chance to diminish danger rather than battling to prevent disaster.

On things closer to home (literally), I'm still confined indoors except for the messages Naomi is helping me with (got postponed to today) and I still have bushfire aches. One thing, however, has improved today - I've hopefully the medicine to help my body deal with bushfires and so I got my first full night's sleep since the heatwave began and I'm breathing better. The asthma that nearly sent me running for an ambulance the other night seems to be behaving (it makes such a difference to know the cause of it). As a result, when I eventually woke up, I wrote without any of the torpor that's been plaguing me. Breathing and sleeping make a big difference to one's daily capacity.

I'm still behind on things, but if this keeps up I'll meet my deadlines and then catch up. I have until the middle of next week to have finished all the things I'm in the middle of now. If I'm lucky, I get to see friends next weekend. And now I need to get back to poking Medieval-shaped holes in heroic fantasy.

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