Jan. 13th, 2013

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Today is so much about editing that I'm beginning to doubt almost everything to do with language.

Yesterday was revisions, rather than edits, which was easier. No, not easier, just less like walking on quicksand.

Five pieces are being/have been/will be edited today. One is for Australia, one for Canada, one for the US, one for the UK and one does not yet have a home. When they reach tables of contents, then I'll talk about them a bit more, maybe. Or maybe I'll be busy editing something else by then.

Two of the pieces are fiction and the other three non-fiction. One contains Medievalism, the others, sadly, not.

Two are done and back with the editors. I guess I'd better stop turning text into numbers and finish the others. I want to cross them off my rather daunting piece of butcher's paper (stuck to the back of the front door. The butcher's paper contains everything that must be done this January and looking wistfully at it doesn't reduce the number of tasks. It shoudl, you know. I should be able to demolish talks through sheer mindpower.

In other news, today is cooler and so the fires are being got under control rather than getting worse. There's still much smoke in the air, however, and I am still confined indoors.
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My very last BiblioBuffet article is up here: http://bibliobuffet.bookballoon.com/bookish-dreaming/1885-thoughts-010613 (and all the earlier articles have new permalinks, since they'll be accessible through Bookballoon from here on). I could wail and gnash my teeth, or I could warn you taht this is not the end of me writing essays about books. Or I could do both...

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