Jan. 14th, 2013

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I'm back in the universe of lists. I'm still confined indoors. The RFS listing tells me the fires aren't out, even though the air is much clearer. Also, my body tells me that we still have smoke. The rain yesterday helped, but it did not, alas clear the fires*. The smoke is hardly visible today, you see. Last night was, however, a rather bad night. Today I am most of Disney's dwarves, but especially Grumpy and Doc and Sleepy and Sneezy.

Anyhow, back to my lists. I have a long list today and the deadlines are all tonight. I have to sort out my computer problems, you see, and I can't let my editors down, so I have to get everything to them (and onto the Aurealis judging spreadsheet and to various other places) before I swap computers. The changeover may be wondrously smooth, but I need to act as if it won't be. Wednesday is the big day for all this and I'm in countdown mode.

When I'm through this list and my back email, I'll be a lot less grumpy, for suddenly there will be more clear space. I will also be able to work on projects of choice for a little. I love it that I'm getting the publications I need to be competitive on the job market (or more competitive) but it does restrict the time I can spend on my big projects.

If I'm clever, either three or four things can disappear from my list before lunchtime. En avant!

*For those who feel a burning need to tell me how relatively good I have it, being well away from the fires proper this time round as I am, I don't need to be told that people in the regions the fire actually burning have it worse: I know this already.

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