Jan. 16th, 2013

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I spent most of last night catching up with all my various deadlines. Just as well I did, for I and a friend have been sorting my computer almost n on-stop since 10.30 am. Actually, he left a couple of hours ago, but has promised to return to help with glitches. I'm making a list of glitches. The biggest is that the careful backups of my emails and bookmarks are not at all accessible using my super-duper modern programs. And my fax refuses to answer the phone. And I can't actually send emails, which is probably just as well, as I have no email addresses to send to.

I've spent the last hour getting back my access to websites and sorting out more glitches.

I've also been outside today, four times and am paying for it (the smoke isn't as bad as it was, so it could be worse). I can't think straight and am at the stage where I hurt too much to lie down. Since my computer can't think straight, I shall leave sorting it until tomorrow afternoon.

I shall have a late dinner and spend a couple of hours falling asleep in front of the television and see if that helps. I don't actually want dinner, which is not a good sign. Anyhow, I finished all the work I had to do for the first half of January. This means I have no looming deadlines. This means that if I'm going to be much of a mess, now is the time to be it.

Overall, I rather like the new machine. It'll take me time to get used to all the new systems. All my files transferred over sweetly, however, and both my netbook and desktop are finally speaking the same language so the world is not at an end. Mind you, I still have a half dozen programs to install. Ask me how apocalyptic things feel when I'm finished...

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