Jan. 18th, 2013

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I'm taking a day off. We have heat (42 degrees worth) and smoke (I worry for friends and can't go outside - not a good combo) and I have work, but nothing that can't wait. I have eaten a slab of watermelon and will have more later, after dinner. I have made a pizza base and got all sorts fo toppings ready. I've made my friends some alcoholic iced punch, to help us forget the heat. By the time we're through all this and a movie, the weather will have shifted and I'll (maybe) feel like working again.

February's our hot month, which is why I and my East Coast Australian friends are complaining. We don't want a hot month if this is a comfortable one!

My reading for late evening, is Tran-Nhut's La Poudre Noire de Maitre Hou*, which Aliette Bodard kindly posted me. It's historical mystery, which is just light enough for a late night. Not that I actually want a late night, but I do tend to have them when the weather is hot - things have to cool down enough to make sleeping possible.

*forgive lack of accents. I am a bit on the heat-exhausted side and I haven't yet installed a French spellcheck on my browser. If anyone knows a good add-on, I'd love to know, for the last one I installed was pretty bad.

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