Jan. 19th, 2013

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I was going to dress up as a Jewish pirate tonight and take myself and my treasure chest and my viking duck (for why should a Jewish pirate have a parrot?) and celebrate the launch of Donna Hanson's new book. My outfit is all waiting and ready, but me, I'm sending my apologies with a friend. The culprit: bushfire smoke.

If today had been as hot as yesterday, everyone would have been indoors with aircon and the smoke wouldn't be an issue, but right now outside it's less than half the temperature of yesterday and windows will be joyously open. And even indoors, today, the smoke is affecting me. Also, last night was not good (as expected) so I and my pirate outfit must await another chance to celebrate Donna's writing.

I'm deeply disappointed about this, but it can't be helped. I'm going to bed for a little and then I shall spend a quiet evening doing quiet things and wishing myself with my friends at the party. I hate it that I'm Cinderella, but allergies cannot be helped, especially when they manifest themselves so very clearly.

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