Jan. 22nd, 2013

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I haven't posted for a couple of days because...I have no idea. I just realised very late last night that I hadn't posted. How unlike me.

Bushfire smoke is diminishing enough so that I can work again and not have to redo the work. I have an outline and much thought on both sides of a door. I'm not even nearly ready to write the object of the outline, hence the much thought. Right now, it's missing a soul. This means I have Frankenstein's monster* outlined on two sides of a door.

I have no news about anything, really, except that I've decided not to get my new printer until after ANZAMEMS. I can survive a few weeks on a slow printer, and it gives me abetter idea of my overall finances. After ANZAMEMS teaching starts up again, you see, and I'll know if this is a year for courses to go ahead (like last year) or one where everything gets cancelled (like one rather bad year earlier). There's the possibility of two lots of editing arriving and also I am owed monies (adding up to several weeks groceries) for the work I did over everyone else's holidays, so I' fine financially for the basics. This is unexpected, but good. I'm just being careful. I've lived on too little money for too long not to be careful.

My next lot of minor deadlines is the middle of next week. Nothing as big as the last two months at this stage. It could change. I kinda hope it doesn't, for I'm having a lazy few days: I've seen season 2 of Downton Abbey and Season 4 of Eureka. I also kinda hope it does, but in the direction of something that changes the Schroedinger's Gillian into an academic with a regular job. I do think this is going to take a while, due to the complete lack of jobs out there.

In a few minutes I get a rescue trip. I need to return things to the library and pick up some groceries. Thank goodness for friends who realise that I'm not being overworried about what is now, not a lot of smoke. I am very glad every day I wake up and find that I don't have that foul inflammatory disorder I got last big bushfire season. Then I go back to sleep, for the allergies leave me tired...

*The spellcheck wants me to change this to 'Frankincense's monster' and, I admit, I am tempted.

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