Jan. 25th, 2013

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I haven't taken a single pain reliever all day! Pain levels are low. While this lasts, I'm listening to my body and I'm sleeping and sleeping and sleeping... with some extraordinary dreams. My favourite was when I dreamed a landscape being turned into a seascape by an angry seagod (bereft of a treasure) to the tune of "I was Drunk Last Night, Dear Mother".

I did five hours work yesterday, mostly when the pain started diminishing (about 10 pm) and intend to do at least seven hours today.

When I'm not sleeping and not reading and not working, I watching this: http://www.lizziebennet.com/story/ Kathleen Jennings and Deborah Green were talking about it and I checked it out and got hooked. It instantly made me think of the way books were shared in Northanger Abbey, which makes it a brilliant Jane Austen interpretation, simply for finding modern equivalents to that early nineteenth century story-telling environment.

The smoke diminished, but now there are new fires. The weather bureau holds out the hope of rain, though and today I can do amazing feats like turn my head and almost see over my shoulder. I also have a new icon for Facebook, which I may post in LJ alongside the glasses (for I promised the glasses) just so that my friends can enjoy it/them.

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