Jan. 28th, 2013

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Someone took advantage of the Australia Day holiday and tried to use my credit card. They spent all of $1.14 before the bank caught them and put a block on my account.

I woke up early (it was muggy!) and got online and read the email warning me of it, and checked that the email was legitimate, and rang through to the security people (who have 24/7 phone help because this is not an uncommon occurrence and they are a big bank) and, within 2 1/2 hours of the original attempt at theft, the paperwork was all done for a new card. It will be with me soon. And this is why I am with the bank I am with, despite their other failings, for not even that $1.14 is payable by me and the security guy took the time to remind me that I might have regular payments due that won't show up until the new card is issued and then went through and helped me list the ones that are due in the next fortnight so that I can connect them to the new card when they come.

The rain has got rid of the fires in one direction only, but that's the direction the wind is coming from, so my bedroom window is open and the mugginess dissipating. It's a very strange little morning.

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