Feb. 8th, 2013

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Another exciting day in the life of Gillian.

My big excitement today is that someone's coming round to sort out the final details about fixing the falling-down-around-my-ears aspects of my flat. He should be here in about ten minutes. Until he comes, I'm working unmethodically through my lists. I ought to be working on the big stuff for the day, but I can't concentrate, so instead I'm doing Big Things like making a cheesecake before the cheese goes off, putting washing away, sorting stuff. I've done some solid work this morning (revising edits, mainly) and all the rest of the work will have to wait until after Mr Robertson has been and gone and I can focus.

I actually don't have a big day's work today, for I'm not writing solidly until I'm certain of my approach and last night I looked at my chapter outline and realised that it needs some work. I did an hour on it and printed it, and it will be my work for tomorrow. I'm determined to find out why my brain will not put these ideas in order instantly!

The work in question is on fiction writers and history and requires moving from history theory to writing practice. It ought to be straightforward, but, really, it isn't. The big issue inside my brain is, I suspect, that writers don't see themselves (mostly) the way I need to describe their work and that historians don't see fiction (mostly) from the direction I'm analysing it. This means I can't lean on the work of others - I have to find the inner logic.

I'm finding that inner logic one step at a time. Right now, I think I haven't explained which chapters relate to world building nor, in fact, do I link research and world building quite early enough. It's a big advance that I'm seeing this, and that means that I should be up to writing quite soon. When I have two chapters, then I can send a proposal off to a publisher, for rejection (which means I need to think more about which publishers would actually want a work like this one).

Oftentimes I will write without a really clear outline, for my brain does tend to sort things, but this is not one of those times. If I'm breaking new ground, then I need a marvellously high level of clarity and I need to get the sequencing right. I need to sort out the tone (which right now is a gorgeous patchwork of inconsistency) and I also need to make it clear that there's a difference between evoking the past using careful language and writing about the past in a genre and how either or both of those relate to the work historians do. I need to make it clear enough so that writers can use the techniques I describe and so that other people in my field can see the relationships.

It is a very Gillianish reason for not having as long a day as expected, isn't it?
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Purim starts 24 February. I'll make cakes and have alcohol and a spiel and if anyone wants to drop by and enjoy them with me, they will be very welcome. I won't be sending out personal invitations, though, for I don't have time! (It's funny to have a choice between Purim and sending invitations to Purim, but that's the situation)

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