Feb. 9th, 2013

Five things

Feb. 9th, 2013 07:47 am
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1. My lists started spawning more lists late last night. I fear an infestation.

2. My handyman has come and gone and taken many notes. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

3. I think I might have a conference paper done. I'm still not entirely happy, but it will do as is, in a pinch.

4. I think I have discovered a new type of cockroach. It looks dead but is not. It is entirely capable of teleportation. It will rule the world after whatever apocalypse we're due next.

5. Do you think if I swapped each item on my list for chocolate, anyone will notice? It's not 8 am yet, after all.
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Today was a day of small glitches and large happinesses. It started with glitches, of course. The biggest is that, no matter what I do, some old versions of my conference paper keep emerging and replacing my revisions. I think all changes (and final fixing up of this) will take place on paper. I have a print out at the ready!

The happinesses included Rachel and Mia (a lift to the airport, which included coffee and wonderful time-with-friends), chatting with friends, an unexpected market trip (Caulfield market is once-a-month and Mum and I caught the last fifteen minutes of it) which resulted in flat peaches, black carrots, three types of bread and much other goodness. Lunch was cheviot sheep's cheese and religious bread and some fresh salad. We went to the library after that, and did window shopping.

I have a new photo for my library. This is the library I use to teach writers and to teach history and for my own research. I now have a 1950s dissecting kit. What's this chain?" I asked Mum. "To dangle body parts."

I have more photos of shadows for the novel-I-have-not-yet-begun.

I have maps to get me to my conference.

And my hair is cut.

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