Feb. 11th, 2013

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I didn't lose yesterday, but I was somewhat busy and didn't come online.

It was a perfect day.

I caught an early bus from Southern Cross and was in Gippsland by 11.30 and and spent 24 hours with Janeen and jack. The time went way too quickly. We talked, we ate, we talked some more, I admired the exceptional beauty of the house and its surrounds (and lusted, I fear to admit, after the library, which is the most perfect home library I've ever seen), Bertie admired the exceptional beauty of my fingers and licked them smaller and then plonked himself on my feet so that I would stay where I was put and we talked more and drank tea and talked again. There's a peacefulness about their place, and a very calm beauty, and it lends itself to relaxing and thinking and feeling quiet inside.

I think I needed that twenty-four hours. Jack and Janeen have, between them, managed to blot out the difficulties of the last few months. Friends make the biggest difference to life, always.

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