Feb. 26th, 2013

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I've done lots and lots today, but skipped one big block of stuff. I can do that one big block now, or quite late this evening. I suspect quite late this evening, because storms are nigh. Once the weather change finally happens, I shall be less ditsy. I've had one long meeting today and it was a very good long meeting, which left much hope and grand possibility in its wake. In the nearby part of its wake, it also left much commonsense, which I shall proceed to apply to an object that sorely needs it.

What I shall do in the interim is make a start on the big block of work that I meant to do before today went awry (there are not many bushfires left, but those that were there, were in the west and the wind blew from there ) and turn it into several little blocks, containable, controllable and able to be finished.

Other news? There's heaps but, as has often been the case recently, I don't want to talk about it lest I jinx it. None of this news relates to employment, but there were actually new jobs advertised this weekend. Not many, and the one that most fitted my research profile was more senior than I'm likely to get, but if jobs are being advertised again then one day I might be fofered one, which is what I'm after.

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