Mar. 1st, 2013

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I'm blogging earlier than usual because I want to draw a line under my morning. I've got one of those internal self-castigation things going (which can reflect pain, or can reflect memories that came up during my sleep) and it was validated by the tone and nature of an email. What this means is that I'm in self-punishing-Cinderella mode, and the best way to cure it is to start the day again. I can't change the physical self, but I can change the rest, including what day it is. So all the negatives now happened very, very, very late on Thursday and today is simply the day after.

I was going to run messages and go to the movies today, for the bushfires are finally out and I want to celebrate, but I think I finish my teaching prep for tomorrow, make more inroads on my tax, and finish small things. I can do the shopping on the way home from teaching, and everything else can wait.

ETA: One of the causes of this being a worm-eating day is something I just discovered by going outside (yes, I keep sneaking outside, now that I can). We're getting the big shift of weather patterns from summer to autumn. Today. On 1 March. How did the seasons know that we declare autumn to begin today?

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