May. 17th, 2013

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It's been a while, largely because my computer and email have been facing a lot of technical issues and posting in two places at once was a step too far. Now that I'm facing even more technical issues and LJ is down, I want somewhere to quietly grump. I'll try to get back to regular posting here when things calm down a little (hopefully next week), but the big thing about today is's a mess.

I had a lovely weather migraine last night. It took me until 2 am to sleep and it took 2 hot water bottles and 2 doonas to bring my body temperature up to normal (which is what finally allowed me to sleep). This happens. I just adjusted my alarm clock so that I would get an extra hour this mo9rning and reduced my list of 'to do' things for Friday.

You can guess where this is going, can't you? Since I'm grumpy? The migraine lingers, and my body temperature is falling (although it's now 36.3, which is at least in sight of normal). My next door neighbour woke me up at 7.30 with Zimbabwean pop (she was coming back from work and I don't have the heart to tell her that her music wakes me up as she drives in, for she has an impossible shift). I went back to sleep and then the postie woke me up. I gave up on sleep and thought "At least the work end of the house is quiet" and now my upstairs neighbour is apparently having some very noisy work done which necessitates much yelling and men being rude to each other about laziness.

None of this is serious. It's just annoying and tiring, on the morning I set aside for being kind to myself because it's going to be a big weekend and it was a huge week. It's peak teaching time and peak form-filling-in time and peak everything-else time and sleep was already becoming a bit of a rarity. I don't need roaring machines and shouting men outside my window as well. And I have run out of time to go back to sleep until it all goes away,: all I can do is puddle through the morning's work and drink copious amounts of weak coffee and take lots of Vitamin D and choose bigger pain relievers. Then it will be over and I will be laughing. Ha!

At any rate, I've already crossed 2 things off my must-do-before 11 list. And I've started a third thing that wasn't even on it...

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