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I am now the proud owner of Victorian spectacles and a very educational card game from 1902, thanks to a friend. We send each other parcels from time to time, and hers this time was pretty amazing. The glasses are actually pince nez (two sets!) and for long vision (I tested them, of course). I have no idea where she got them from, but they're in an original case and just exceptionally amazing. I need to take a look at Victorian pictures, for I suspect one holds one's head differently when one reads to the way one does with spectacles with arms, to keep pince nez on.

The rest of my day is pretty much business as usual. I have a list and am working my way through it, bit by bit.

Update on hurting aspect: still aches. Still can't go outdoors. Naomi is giving me a library trip tonight though and I am seeing The Hobbit, finally, on Thursday, thanks to Elizabeth. It's daft, for both the library and the cinema are a short walk away, but if I can't walk short distances in this air, then I can't walk short distances in this air.

Date: 2013-01-15 08:07 am (UTC)
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Long sighted?

They'd probably suit me then! :o)

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