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I've had an exciting morning, but haven't got a lot of work done.

My next door neighbour called "Gillian! Gillian!" until I came out. It appeared that we had Plumbers. It also appears that we have a major blockage. Tree roots have interfered with drainage bigtime.

The plumbers are leaving now (having borrowed power from me) and say that they haven't solved the problem, but that they've cleared out a lot of stuff. They said they might not be able to sort it. I said that there could be a wider problem if they didn't, and pointed out where in the valley we were and told them the history of drainage in this area. "We'll have to do something, then" they said. "We'll probably be back later on. See you then."

This is partly related to my sink problems of a few weeks ago. I still had sink problems (and they're now sorted) but there are roots interfering with drainage right across the block of flats. Once they're cleared, things'll be fine for about 16 years.

No, this isn't the first time this has happened. However did you guess?

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