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It's amazing what a difference small things make. Without the bushfire smoke in the air, I don't have to sleep an extra four hours a day. I didn't allow for this, so I have spent this morning awake and reading just for fun. I brought some extra work to do in Melbourne, but it's mostly already done. And I forgot to contact most of my friends, so they don't know I'm here. I ought to visit museums and walk along riverbanks and window-shop and catch up with people and places. Instead, I borrowed a bunch of books on my mother's library card, and I'm drinking much tea and reading and catching up on just being myself.

My afternoon will be entirely full, and I have no idea what my evening will consist of, but my morning reminds me of when I was a public servant and had free time before work and after work and read three books a day. I will only read two books today, and quite probably average one a day for the time I'm here, so I'm reading about the same amount of fiction as when I'm working solidly, but I'm not writing about any of these novels, or analysing them for arcane purposes. Someone asked me last month whether it was possible to do what I do and still read for fun. Yes, it is. And it's essential. It brings me back into the core of myself and reminds me why I do what I do.

I don't feel as if I wok very hard, usually, but it's nice to slow down from time to time. In fact, I'm so enjoying the slowing down, that I've asked editors if I can get back to them next week. The two editors in question were very nice about it. One is editing a short story, and another an academic review. Gives me something to look forward to, next week!

This afternoon is all about being a Medievalist. The Australian equivalent of Leeds and the Zoo begins in a few hours. Until then, I shall lounge around in my t-shirt (which announces that I am unemployed - it's a relic of my public service days, SBS gave it to me when I was part of a team that was getting rid of typing pools and helping find career paths for junior staff - and is my emergency lounging-around garment) and I shall read another book. The next book in my queue is by Eoin Colfer.

I'm supposed to be working. I have three books to write that are in various stages of disarray. But it's rather fun to lounge around in the morning and attend a conference in the afternoon. I am definitely in sybaritic mode.

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