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After all my fuss about my teaching notes, I left them behind. We worked on creative narratives demonstrating bias* (since the class watched Richard III in my absence) and on how these narratives help create the memory of a thing or person. We also learned how to summarise complex issues in pithy poems (our source material for this were current issues emerging from the Papal crisis, but also from the Great Schism). Word of the day came from a student who wanted to demonstrate how place names manifest in botany.

My Wednesday class used my forgetfulness to rise to great heights, in other words.

*since we'd already written about Richard, they created an evil teacher and a normal teacher and worked out how their poems played on expectations and developed material for the written record. I so hope that I am not known only by the bad teacher version. They were great poems, but they gave an entirely new set of meanings to 'evil.'

Date: 2013-02-20 02:23 pm (UTC)
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Is that the late George Schism, the well known trombonerist? :o)

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