Jan. 2nd, 2013

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I need a list of ten today.

1. I went to the library, the chemist and did some essential shopping before the day got hot. It was still under 30 degrees when I got home. This is worldshaking news.

2. I will be teaching a workshop at Conflux. I'll announce the details when they're released.

3. I have the first and probably the second argument for the paper I'm writing. I still need 3-4 more, and they need to link to the first two, but it's all much easier when I have an approach. I get to explain modern Medievalism using narrative theory, if all goes well.

4. I ran into a Jewish friend at the shops today and it seems that lots of people also wished her Happy Chanukah a week after it ended. I am therefore giving in to temptation and would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

5. On Twitter @IndigenousX is raising money for literacy (through the Indigenous Literacy Foundation). It was intended as a private gesture by Luke Pearson, but there's so much support for it from all kinds of places that it is ballooning splendidly (Luke Pearson is currently my hero, but don't tell him that). What they need now is to reach 10,000 followers in the next day, as some donations are tied to this goal.

6. 2013 appears to be the year I rediscover politics. My considered opinion, therefore, is that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are demonstrating a culture of bullying and are encouraging it in Australia.

7. It appears that some people need reminding that I didn't have children because I couldn't*, not because I didn't want them. I don't normally make a fuss about it because I refuse to spin my life around something that couldn't happen. I can't climb Mt Everest, either. It is not the end of the universe, just a sadness. Also, neither being childless or being unable to climb Mr Everest make me a second class citizen.

8. I have PMT. Again. I've decided to be sarcastic and see if the sarcasm derails the temper tantrums**. My actual non-PMT personality is charming and equitable and the temper tantrums really annoy me. They really annoy my friends, too, I suspect. I don't like the temper tantrums. I don't like PMT. Also, the next male who says they're going through a male menopause gets all my symptoms: this includes 7 days of period and 10 days of PMT in a 21 day cycle. And the migraines. All the migraines.

9. I found some baby mirrors for anyone dealing with ant infestations. I can bring them to Melbourne in February, Brisbane in March and to Conflux in April should anyone need them I haven't tested their effectiveness, but I have no ants this year.

10. I put the Mirror away after several friends said the reason they weren't staying with me was because it was in the library and they would not share a bedroom with it. Honestly, it's not nearly as scary as the one in the book. Just one tiny incident when I was a child... Wimps. Anyhow, it's away, so friends need to find other reasons to not visit.

*Yep, I've been getting the comments again. Not from any of my close friends. The people in question were trying to justify stuff they hadn't done. This is another facet of bullying culture: shifting responsibility because "If you had chosen to have children, you would not have finished the stuff you promised either" doesn't actually excuse the person for not having done the thing unless the blame is mine for existing. I'd apparently be fine and almost socially acceptable if I just sat and took it. I suspect 2013 is the year I'm me, rather than the year I'm almost socially acceptable.

**It certainly derails my capacity to be funny!

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